Hi, I'm Mel!




Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a photojournalistic/documentary photographer serving the Southern Alberta area and beyond (yes, I'm available for travel). I possess a fondness for capturing connection and strive to take emotive images. I revel in waiting for your moments and that is what I photograph.




Yes, this is my family in these photos. We're the Rolston's, it's nice to meet you! I have a loving, laid back, and talented husband, a spunky and sweet four year old boy, and we just welcomed a new baby boy in January of 2018. I would describe myself as both grounded and aloof (oxymoron!). Outside of my secular career as a registered nurse, my passion is photography. I enjoy documenting the beauty and challenges of life via moments (so don't worry if your kiddo has a meltdown mid-session). I have a affinity with vinyl records, rolls of film, reading poetry (not writing it), camping in the mountains, Wes Anderson films, spa days, autobiographies, make-up tutorials, folk-y love songs, scenery that takes your breath away, and listening to a new song that’s about to become a heavily replayed favourite. Some of my favourite photographers are Sebastião Salgado, Lynsey Addario, and Heather Evans Smith. 




If you are someone who wants to see and feel the interaction of your loved ones in a photo and seize the ephemeral moments of this life in picture form, then I would love to tell your story.

photos by Jessie Lanaway Photography