The photos I'm about to share are a few months old, but, I thought this would be a good place to start sharing shoots that aren't hired photos. Yes, I'll also be posting hired shoots that I'm especially proud of on this blog, but today I'll start with these. 

One Saturday my little fam jam decided to go to the library, I brought my dslr as Sol had just turned 6 months and I wanted to get some photos of him on his half birthday. As we entered the library there were four folks of different ages playing "Go" or as some know it "Stones". I thought wow this is cool for Lethbridge, it's like those people in NYC that play chess in central park (do they do that there?). Anyways, as I walked and stared one of the players caught my eye; I needed to get photos of him. He had a face with such character, I'm sure you'll be able to pick him out in the photos.

Before I even saw him I knew I wanted to take photos of these fellows playing, it was a great photo op, but he was definitely my motivation to talk to them. So I walked around the library so as to not seem like a gawker, then made my way back to them and asked them if I could take photos. What a friendly bunch! They told me a little bit about the game and were agreeable to me taking some photos. I snapped some photos for about 15 minutes and even my husband came over to ask them some questions as he is a game junkie. When I was done I said thanks, gave them my card and walked away smiling.