Film I.

I often look at current photographers who use film and envy the confidence they have in using it (two of my favourites/inspirations are here and here). I have wanted to incorporate film in my business for some time (amongst other things). Maybe it's the nostalgia craze I'm latching onto but I do love the feel that film lends to photos, I love the flat shadows it produces, not being able to chimp, the primitive light meter, manual focusing...  I suppose all that lends itself to what I love most about film; is that you have to slow down and think a bit harder about the outcome of the photo…  I guess I feel more like a "real" photographer with film and I get to linger a bit more in the moment I'm trying to capture. There is also the fact that you get a tangible copy in the end, whether it's the prints or negatives (the anticipation of a phone call that my prints are ready -always something to look forward to). 

So if you love it so much? Why don't you use it? Comfort level I guess. When I'm shooting a wedding, it's usually fast paced so digital is warm and safe. Digital can be rapid fire and generally most people want super polished images of their wedding day and digital definitely produces that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that but, there are also people (like me) who love the documentary style photo of film. That being said my wedding was captured entirely on film and I dislike my photos immensely. I suppose it can all come down to the photographer to. So I want to put my vision on film. 

So I have a new goal. I have decided to take photos with a couple rolls of 35mm film at least once a month, but try to get a few more. I'd like it to become a feature for this blog every time I get some developed I'll take the good ones (and maybe fails) and post them here. I want my craft to be pretty developed before I start offering it to clients. So without further ado here's my first set that was taken a while ago and when I picked these up, I dropped off two more rolls.

PS.  With this blog post I finally learned how to use my scanner thing-y. Bonus.

PPS. Also, I love the black and white photos below cause they documented my day to day life when I was pregnant with Solomon.